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Wow Cups - Set of 2 - Bright Green image from BulbHead
Wow Cups - Set of 2 - Bright Green image from BulbHead

Wow Cups - Set of 2 - Bright Green

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Introducing the easiest way to for children to drink without spilling anywhere! Perfect as a training cup but sophisticated enough to not look like a baby cup. Even adults love WOW Cups spill-free design. Its innovative drinking edge automatically seals itself after taking a sip. No spouts, straws, or levers needed! Perfect for the entire family at home, school or on the go in the car or stroller. Set of 2.


WOW Cup – Spill, Worry and Hassle Free Drinking Cup At last, the days of cleaning up kids’ dribbles and drink messes are over! WOW Cup’s innovative Uni-Flow™ Drinking Edge automatically seals for no spills, providing a 360-degree drinking area from anywhere along the cup’s rim. After drinking, EVEN-SEAL™ valve technology automatically seals itself until you take another drink, eliminating messy clean up. And, because WOW Cup uses only gentle sucking without spouts or straws, it helps prevent orthodontia issues that can occur from long-term sucking. Matte finish makes it easy for little hands to grab. Three-part construction without buttons or levers means easy assembly, disassembly and cleaning. Dishwasher safe. BPA, Phthalate & PVC Free and made from 100% guaranteed food safe materials. Set of 2.