Teddy Tanks - Playful Monkey

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This teddy bear has a heart of goldand a tummy full of fun! His belly can be used as an actual one-gallon fish tank OR be filled with your childs collections and special items for the safest of keeping. Teddy comes with two bows to accessorize. Teddy Tank is a great gift idea!

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Teddy Tank Has a Fish Bowl Tummy and SO Much More! Bears love fish and our Teddy Tank is no exception! This fuzzy, loveable bear has a see-through, one-gallon tank in his tummy — just add water and fish! Perfect for Betta fish! Or, fill it as a treasure “chest” with your child’s prized possessions: coins, gumballs, marbles, baseball cards, and more. Just feed fish or items through his mouth. There are two bows to dress him up. Premium 8-piece package includes: 18-inch plush teddy and 1-gallon ultra-durable plastic bowl. Teddy Tank is an adorable furry friend and a great gift idea for kids and adults alike!

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