Pedi Paws - 10Pc Emery Bands

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Now, you can keep your pet free from pain and your floors and furniture free from scratches. Pedi Paws is the fast, easy and painless way to give your pet a perfect pedicure. Rotating emery bands gently remove enamel, leave dogs nails smooth. Wont cut or pinch sensitive tissue and nerves like clippers. Protective cap allows only the right amount to be removed without messcollects all the shavings, too! Lightweight, cordless. P

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Pedi Paws Nail Groomer Protects Pets From Pain—Keeps Furniture and Floors Scratch-Free Why do pets fight you when it’s time to trim their nails? Because they know it hurts! Not anymore! Introducing Pedi Paws, the fast, easy, and painless way to give your pet a perfect pedicure. The secret? It’s not a clipper — it’s a file. Works just like your emery board, but with rotating emery bands that gradually and gently remove enamel in thin layers. Leaves dogs nails with a touchably soft, rounded, and smooth finish. No cutting or pinching sensitive tissue and nerves like ordinary clippers. For extra protection, it has a restrictive cap that allows only the right amount of enamel to be removed. There’s no mess — the cap collects all the shavings, too! Plus, nails won’t have cracked and jagged edges, so furniture and floors are safe from scratches. Cordless and lightweight so you can use it anytime, anywhere — no waiting to go to an expensive groomer. Perfect for cats, too. Uses 2 C batteries (not included). Stop struggling with your pet at grooming time. Get Pedi Paws and get a perfect, pain-free trim every time!

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