The Incredible Pet Nail Trimmer

Pedi Paws

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Product Highlights

  • GENTLE: rather than trimming, PediPaws files claws down and eliminates cutting, pinching, and stress.
  • CORDLESS: take PediPaws anywhere you need – uses two C batteries (not included).
  • INCLUDED: one (1) PediPaws pet file.

More Details

Replace expensive groomers, protect Fido from pain, and keep furniture and floors scratch-free with this ingenious way to give pets perfect pedicures. It’s not a clipper — it’s a file with rotating emery bands that gradually and gently remove enamel in thin layers, while a cap collects the shavings so everything stays neat and tidy.

  • No cutting or pinching sensitive tissue and nerves like ordinary clippers
  • Cordless and lightweight
  • Perfect for cats, too
  • Uses 2 C batteries (not included)

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