Steam away all your clothes wrinkles!

Hurricane Force Steam

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Ironing clothes takes up so much time. Hurricane Force Steamer is the fast and easy way to remove wrinkles and iron clothing. Watch wrinkles disappear immediately when powerful steamer moves across the fabric. Hurricane Force Steamer has a setting for all your fabrics. It’s safe for all your clothes. Hurricane Force Steamer generates super-heated continuous steam in one compact and lightweight handheld unit. Just plug it in and it is almost ready to use! Attach the delicate fabrics plate to iron silk worry-free. Or use the brush plate to steam upholstered surfaces like your couch or chair.

  • The fast and easy way to iron and steam clothes
  • Weighs less than 2 pounds
  • The fast and easy way to iron and steam clothes
  • Has settings for all fabric types
  • Delicate fabrics plate perfect for ironing silk
  • Brush plate is great for steaming upholstered surfaces

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