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The book, "Everyday Handyman Secrets," by Marc Gill, contains over 3000 do-it-yourself projects and tips to help you fix problems around your home that you didnt think were that easy to fix. Marc has collected tips, tricks and advice from professionals and handymen to create this money-saving guide. Handyman Secrets will give you sound advice on how to repair the simplest tasks with minimum expense and thats the secret!

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"Everyday Handyman Secrets" Will Save You Time and Money While You Become the Expert You probably know of a dozen or more things that need fixing around your home but because you don’t know what to do, or you know it would be costly to hire a handyman, you’ve let them go undone. "Everyday Handyman Secrets" has over 3000 tips and gives advice on how to fix those problems using items that you probably already have in your home. TV’s Marc Gill will show you how to save time and money while helping to improve the condition of your home and household items. Why spend the money on expensive hardware or lubricants when a simple product like Vaseline can put an end to a squeaking door hinge? Do you know how to wrap a rubber band around a paint can so you can wipe the brush off and keep the rim clean? Did you know that ice cubes can sharpen garbage disposal blades, and a lemon will keep your disposal smelling fresh and clean? Not only is this book good for fixing problems that you know about, but just reviewing a few pages can provide ideas on how to make your home better by fixing things you didn’t even know were wrong. The book also has tips on protecting your home. Marc Gill has done the leg work for you by compiling a reference book that has everything you need to know in enough detail that you will become your own expert.