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Talk about handy! Grab-It is like a third pair of hands. It holds devices for you securely and wherever you want them. Use it in your car, in the kitchen, at work, boat, camper, or home. Mount a smartphone or GPS on your dashboard. Hold a tablet on any smooth surface while you watch, read, or prepare recipes. Grab-it holds it for you. The uses are endless!

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Get hands-free convenience for any item up to 10 lbs. with this smart mount whose double-sided suction cups firmly attach to any smooth surface. The Forcelocke™ Valve lets you twist to adjust angle and position a handheld device anywhere you need to mount it.

  • Simply pump the suction mount to attach and press to release
  • Removal is easy, just press the valve
  • Pivots 350 degrees for convenient access from many angles
  • Holds up to 10 lbs.

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