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Grab Bag - 1PC Deluxe

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Hold as much as four plastic grocery bags in one Grab Bag! Clips to cart for easy bagging, has easy-carry double handles for secure loading and unloading your car. Wont dig into your hands like flimsy, plastic bags! Sturdy sides, broad base and fastening tabs prevent spilling; front pocket keeps lists and coupons handy. Reusable, eco-friendly bag is mold and mildew resistant, wipe-clean vinyl. Set of 2 folds flat.


Fed up with flimsy, plastic grocery bags? Tired of them digging into your hands, spilling in your car? Plus, they can slip and split and —crash! — there go your expensive groceries scattered everywhere! Get Grab Bag – the reusable grocery bag. Clips to your cart so you can organize as you shop and makes bagging groceries a breeze! Expands to hold as many as four plastic bags; easy-carry, double handles give a comfortable, secure grip for lifting. Save time loading and unloading your car! Sturdy sides, broad base and fastening tabs keep it upright and stable — no toppling, no bruised produce or broken eggs! It even has a front pocket to keep shopping lists and coupons handy. It’s not just for groceries — pack it for the beach, a picnic, or sports. Load it with laundry, dry cleaning, tools, or toys! Best of all, it’s reusable — you save money and the environment! Mold- and mildew-resistant, made of wipe-clean material. Set of 2. Each is 10"W x 14"L x 13"H., holds up to 40lbs., folds flat to slip in glove box or seat-back pocket. It’s the clever, new invention that’s grabbing everyone’s attention!