Neutralize Offensive Odors In Your Home

Fresh Sticks (deluxe)

$14.99 USD


Product Highlights

  • SAFE: made from plant-based materials; contains no oils and you don’t need to light.
  • INCLUDES VASE: stylish vase had diamond pattern and can be reused in other applications.
  • INCLUDED one (1) set of Fresh Sticks.

More Details

Stop wasting money on scented oils, candles, air fresheners, and commercial chemicals that just mask bad odors. You need to neutralize those odors with Forever Fragrant Fresh Sticks. They give off a light, soothing fragrance that makes any room smell great and lends a relaxing, spa-like feel. No-oil design ensures no mess! No risk of fire like with burning candles or incense. Forever Fragrant Fresh Sticks last two years and are made of plant-based materials that are always at work purifying your air to remove the toughest odors. You’ll want one for upstairs and another one for downstairs. When you’re done, the beautiful diamond-patterned glass display vase can be used for fresh flowers. Vase measures - 3"H x 2½”Diam.

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