Earthquake Mug - Red

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When lifes twists and turns come your way, our Earthquake Mug keeps hot and cold beverages safely in place. No more scalding from hot coffee and tea or tipping, spilling, and splashing from sugary, cold drinks! Mug grips tight when hit from side to side but instantly releases when lifted up. Double insulation keeps 16 ounces hot or cold.

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Earthquake Mug Keeps Your Hot & Cold Beverages From Spilling Life has a way of shaking things up. Isn’t it nice to know that your hot coffee or cold iced tea won’t spill or splash when interruptions occur? Drink in perfect peace knowing that our Earthquake Mug has unique air-lock technology to keep hot or cold beverages upright even when life tips the Richter scale. Strong grip keeps the bottom of this double insulated mug steady and firmly in place. When hit from side to side, the mug’s bottom grabs firm — then instantly releases when you lift it up! You are extra protected with unique drip catcher technology built right in to the lid. Available in Red and Stainless Steel. Microwave and dishwasher safe. 16-ounce capacity.