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Deluxe Atomic Zapper 6-pack, 50% more sonic repeller power and special offer buy 5 get 1 free
Deluxe Atomic Zapper 6-Pack plugging into an outlet
Deluxe Atomic Zapper 6-Pack plugged into an outlet
Deluxe Atomic Zapper 6-Pack in use, family sitting on a couch playing with dog
Deluxe Atomic Zapper 6-Pack infographic image, easy to use, blue light technology, ultrasonic waves, for average size rooms and safe
Deluxe Atomic Zapper 6-Pack image with wording attracts and kills flying insects
Deluxe Atomic Zapper 6-Pack repel pests, terminates roaches and zap insects
Deluxe Atomic Zapper 6-Pack kills roaches, rodents, flying insects and mosquitoes

Deluxe Atomic Zapper 6-Pack

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Buy more and save! Add 5 Atomic Zapper Deluxe units and get 1 FREE!

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  • DELUXE: has 50% MORE ultrasonic repeller power in unit that combines two technologies in one device to rid your home of unwanted pests.
  • SAFE: unlike chemicals, Atomic Zapper is completely safe to use around people (including children) and pets.
  • INCLUDED: 6 (six) Atomic Zapper Deluxe units (Buy 5 get 1 free!).


Flying insects and pests invading your home? Hiring an exterminator is so expensive. And toxic chemicals are so unsafe. Rid your home of unwanted pesky pests instantly with Atomic Zapper™, the newest member of the Atomic Beam family! This powerful device is a 2-in-1 ultrasonic pest repeller and bug zapper. It uses ultrasonic soundwaves to drive insects and rodents crazy but remains undetectable to you and your pets. Atomic Zapper™’s blue light technology attracts and kills flying insects. It’s so easy to use. Just plug it in and start using it. There’s nothing to install, nothing to refill. Stop spending a fortune on exterminators. Atomic Zapper™ is the safe, easy, and effective way to eliminate pesky pests forever!

SPECIAL OFFER: buy 5 Atomic Zapper Deluxe units and you’ll receive 6th one absolutely FREE! This offer is a must-have for large rooms or placing an Atomic Zapper Deluxe in every room of your house.

  • 2-in-1 ultrasonic pest repeller & bug zapper
  • Deluxe unit has 50% MORE ultrasonic repeller power
  • Eliminates flying insects and pests, terminates cockroaches
  • Ultrasonic soundwaves drive pests crazy
  • Safe for people and pets
  • Easy to use – just plug it in
  • No harmful chemicals, no refills
  • Blue light technology kills flying insects dead
  • One Atomic Zapper™ covers an average size room
  • Includes 6 Atomic Zapper™ Deluxe units


Simply plug Atomic Zapper™ into your standard electrical socket. It immediately begins to work.

Yes. Atomic Zapper™ hones in on an ultrasonic frequency that diverts pests and insects bonkers, but is safe for people and pets!

A typical average size room is usually 480-square feet. Larger rooms over 500-square feet may require additional Atomic Zapper™ units.