Crazy 8 Slicer - Julienne Blade

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Product Highlights

This four-blade bidirectional, steel hand-held slicer lets you cut 8 slices of a vegetable quickly and easily in one slicing action. The blades are sharp enough to easily cut through any type of veggie skin, reducing prep time while achieving a master chef presentation.

More Details

We just found an easier way to quickly slice vegetables safely with one full sweep utilizing the Crazy 8 hand-held slicer. The secret is in the design, with four bidirectional blades engineered at just the right angle crafted from strong stainless steel that will give you eight slices in just a few seconds – slice onions, potatoes, cheese, tomatoes, and more. The Crazy 8 Slicer cuts thin, even slices. You can also cut fancy, julienne and exotically shaped slices by using available center blades. With the Crazy 8 Slicer, there’s no risk of getting nicks or cuts. It’s safe and easy to use. With its compact and convenient design plus four-blades of steel, you’ll slice your time in half.