Colorama Book w/6Pc Pencil Set

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Relax and unwind with our Colorama Coloring Books. Over 100 exquisite designs printed on one-side acid-free paper. Use colored pencils, markers, pastels, watercolors or crayons to create your own artwork! Set includes: Colorama Book, Pocket Sized book and colored pencils (pencils may vary).

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Colorama Coloring Books help you relax and unwind into the wonderful world of art with over 100 exquisite designs printed on one-sided acid-free paper. Feel free to let your creativity flow by using colored pencils, markers, pastels, watercolors, and even crayons with our Coloroma Coloring Books. It's great for all ages too. The best part is, when you're finished you can frame and display your art to enjoy for years to come. The pages are perforated so it makes it easy to remove your finished art. Set includes: Colorama Coloring Book, Pocket Sized Coloring Book and colored pencils (pencils may vary).

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