Aero Knife 3Pc Pro Set

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The Aero Knife, from famed chef Ming Tsai, never dulls, never needs sharpening. Food slides right off thanks to its unique, cutout design with less surface area, meaning less friction and no sticking! Triple-riveted, full-tang, ergonomic handle ensures precise handling and comfort. 3-Piece Pro Set.

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Aero Knife Makes Smooth, Clean Cuts Without Food Sticking — Guaranteed To Stay Razor Sharp For Life! The amazing Aero knife from famed chef Ming Tsai is a cut above the rest. No matter what the food, it effortlessly glides through, achieving perfect slices every time. Unlike other blades, food won’t stick! Precisely carves meats and poultry, cuts veggies and cheese with ease, slides through ice cream cake. With less surface area, the Aero Knife is light as air, cuts like a razor, and food slides right off. The Eternal Edge™ blade is laser-cut, aerodynamic, forged stainless steel. No effort, no sticking, no sharpening. Carve, fillet, chop, mince, slice, and dice with less force, strength and pressure. 3 Piece Pro Set includes: 8" Chef Knife, 8" Bread Knife, 3" Paring Knife

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