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Cop Cam 16BG Memory Card
Cop Cam 16BG Memory Card

Cop Cam 16BG Memory Card

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  • 16GB MEMORY CARD: holds more recorded video than the standard 8GB memory card.
  • FITS COP CAM: made especially for Cop Cam by Atomic Beam (Cop Cam sold separately).
  • INCLUDED: one (1) 16GB memory card.


Upgrade your Cop Cam ™ storage to our exclusive 32GB and increase your HD recording space up to 4x! While the standard 8GB holds up to 50 minutes of recorded video, our exclusive 32GB memory upgrade holds 4x more, recording up to 200 minutes of boosted HD recording capacity.

  • Exclusive 16GB memory card
  • Boosts HD recording capacity
  • 100 min. recording space a 4x increase!
  • Includes one 16GB Memory Card