Pocket Hose Ultra - 100 FT Black

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The revolutionary Pocket Hose that has taken the world by storm, has been made even better! The leak-proof, water-tight seal and double-layer construction is now THREE TIMES STRONGER! This compact and lightweight expandable hose is built to last for daily, heavy-duty use. No wonder it remains the #1 bestselling expandable hose!

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Pocket Hose Ultra Is THREE TIMES STRONGER Than the Original! When Pocket Hose was introduced, it quickly became the country’s #1 expandable hose. Now, we’ve improved on even that! Pocket Hose Ultra now features amber tip connectors that are THREE TIMES more durable for a tight seal guaranteed against leaks every time. The new and improved outer lining protects its fire-hose-like, double-layer construction and scientifically developed interior elastomer hose, so no more rips and tears. A new Solar Stripe Shield protects from damaging UV rays to extend the life of the hose. Put the Pocket Hose Ultra to the test under even the most extreme conditions. It’s built to last.

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