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Treat Yourself: 4 Ways to Stay Warm and Cozy (All for Under $40)

We are in the heart of winter, which means temperatures are still frigid. In the office, at home, on the subway platform, out in the ice fishing shack, walking from the car to the grocery store – wherever you are, things can get chilly.

Here are 4 ways to stay warm and cozy even when things are dark and cold out.

  1. Heated Ski Gloves

Whether you’re out skiing, hiking, hunting, fishing, attending a sporting event, or working outdoors, keeping your hands dry, warm, and comfortable is critical in the winter. These gloves are made from 3m Thinsulate™ for the ultimate protection and provide up to 7+ hours of heat time. The non-slip palms also make it easy to grab what you need to while keeping wind and snow out:

Stay cozy outdoors during all your adventures with Heated Ski Gloves.


  1. Ball Cap Ear Band

When you want to keep rocking that baseball hat but it’s cold out, slip this fleecy band on to keep your forehead, ears, and back of neck toasty warm:

Keep toasty warm with the Baseball Cap Ear Cover.


  1. Instant Heat Blanket

It can be challenging to stay warm in the winter, especially at night. This super portable heat blanket is both effective and intelligent – it features a metallized liner that reflects your own body heat back to you. Keep one in the car for winter emergencies, or for cozy, wireless comfort in your car, camper, or den. Or simply layer it under or on top of your fitted sheet to reduce your heating bill without sacrificing comfort:

Stay warm without sacrificing comfort.


  1. Heated Car Cushion

If your car doesn’t have heated seats, give it an instant upgrade. Bring luxurious warmth into your vehicle with this smart seat heater that plugs right into your car’s 12-volt socket. It generates instant warmth and exceptional comfort, with automatic temperature control that can be used on leather or cloth seats:

Upgrade your car and stay toasty with the Heated Car Cushion.