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Keep Fido Cool During the Dog Days of Summer

Imagine it’s 80 degrees out and you’re in a fur coat. No matter how hot you get, you can’t take it off – not on your morning jog, not in the car, not at the picnic. Welcome to a dog’s life! Your furry friend must live in his or her mane all year long, regardless of the weather. This summer, help Fido out. Here are some noteworthy products to help keep him calm, cool and collected during the dog days of summer:

Polar Pooch cools down hot pets!

  1. Polar Pooch

Ensure your dog’s health and safety on a hot day with the Polar Pooch. The gel in this smart mat activates on contact, helping regulate a dog’s body temperature without the need for panting. If a dog decides to get up and run around for a while, it’s no problem – the gel reactivates in 15 seconds to keep him cool throughout the day. Because it is so compact, it is perfect to use in the car or for road trips.


Keeps dog's water nice and cool

  1.  Frosty Pet Bowl

Nothing is better than a cold drink of water – and it’s no different for dogs. Get Fido a Frosty Pet Bowl so he always has fresh, chilled H2O. Simply freeze the bowl for just 2 hours, then fill it with up to 12 ounces of water. A gel lining snaps into the water bowl, keeping it fresh and cool. Take it along to the beach or park  – after running around for hours, your pup will thank you for the refreshing, cold drink.

Easily lets dogs drink while on-the-go!

  1. Auto Dog Mug 

Like humans, dogs love exploring, and summer is the perfect time for hiking. You want to take Fido with you, but sometimes packing water for him is a challenge. The Auto Dog Mug or Auto Pup Cup is the ideal solution. This no-spill water bottle is the perfect substitute for a dog bowl – you just squeeze the bottle to release water into the top funnel. Fido easily laps up as much water as he needs, then you release your grip to let the water run back into the bottle. Then off you go to discover some more! Auto Pup Cup is great for puppies and smaller dogs.

Easily wash your pup in a minute!

  1. Woof Washer

Bath time for dogs can be problematic, but getting washed has got to get done, both for health and cleanliness reasons. With the Woof Washer, washing off can be fun for everyone. Just hook it up to a hose and allow the ring to spray 360 degrees of water over Fido, cooling him down from every angle possible. If he doesn’t have access to a lake or pool, this is the perfect substitute for fun on a hot summer’s day!

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