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How to Have an Eggscellent Easter Egg Hunt

There’s nothing like a little old-fashioned Easter egg hunt. This year, put a twist on it. We think you and your little bunnies will love these eggstraordinary ideas.


This idea is super fun! On your next trip to the  dollar store, pick up some glow sticks - fold in a pretzel knot, and put them inside your plastic eggs when you hide them. This makes for a fantastic alternative for tweens who think egg hunts may be getting a little boring (also makes a great sleepover party activity too). Have the kids wear glow sticks around their necks and wrists so they’re easy to spot, put Night mode on your camera for fantastic pictures, and have a ball.


Golden Egg

Host a traditional egg hunt where the kiddos search for their own specific egg colors, but have the jackpot be a golden egg with an amazing prize inside. This could be a $5 dollar bill, a special toy or candy, movie tickets; something the children would love.


Bunny Tracks

When your little one wakes up on Easter morning to find their basket, have them work for it! Create a series of “bunny tracks” that goes from their bed to their loot. Have the tracks lead in and out of the house, up the wall, and over furniture. Make it an adventure!


Scavenger Hunt

Instead of a free-for-all egg hunt, give your wee one a clue to start off the race. Inside each egg contains the clue for where the next egg is located. This is great for critical thinking and reading skills. Have the last clue be where the grand prize is located: their basket or a yummy chocolate bunny.


Make a Puzzle

Purchase an Easter themed puzzle from the dollar store and with a permanent marker, write a clue as to where their basket is located. Put each puzzle piece inside an egg and hide them! Your kids will have to search and put the puzzle together to find the grand prize.

Do you have any eggscellent Egg hunt ideas? Hop to it and leave them in the comments below!