BulbHead's 12 Days of Christmas – BulbHead International

BulbHead's 12 Days of Christmas

Still looking for the perfect gift for loved ones? Here are some of our best-loved products that may make checking off your list that much easier.

    1. Star Shower Motion

The instant moving light show that dazzles, Star Shower is one of our runaway bestsellers, and could be the perfect gift for your friend, sister-in-law, or beloved uncle. You just stick it into the ground in front of your house and voilà! A riot of color to enhance the most cheerful season of the year:

Star Shower Motion lights up your home with ease


    1. Red Copper Pan 5 Piece Set

Got a foodie in your life? This smart, non-toxic cookware is totally non-stick, making it a boon for anyone who spends a lot of time in the kitchen. Use it to sauté, steam, deep-fry, and more, without ever having to scrape off stubborn food:



    1. Atomic Beam USA

If you need a creative gift for those who like to explore in the dark (hikers and campers, for example), this is a good one. It’s a military-grade, ultra-bright flashlight that’ll even work when wet. Boys or men who aspire to Navy SEAL status will love it:

Light up the night with Atomic Beam USA.



    1. Auto Dog Mug

A smart and savvy gift for the pet-owner in your life: you simply squeeze and hold to fill the bowl, then release to drain extra water back in. Finally, an easy way to give Fido a drink without spilling everywhere!

Auto Dog Mug lets your dog drink on the go!


    1. Lazer Bond USA

It can be challenging to find good gifts for the men in your life (socks and ties only go so far). For Mr-Fix-Its (or aspiring ones), this next-level adhesive is a great choice: It fixes broken items with a liquid plastic that creates a solid bond in just 3 seconds. You simply apply the plastic resin, then shine the included UV light over it to activate:

Fix almost anything with Lazer Bond USA



    1. Hurricane Spin Scrubber

We all know that person who’s obsessed with cleanliness -- this scrubber is for them. It makes it easy to whirl away grime from tile, mirrors, floors, and more with a cordless, rechargeable brush that rotates 300 scrubs per minute. Bonus: no harsh, abrasive chemicals needed.

Hurricane Spin Scrubber can scrub anything without harsh chemicals!


    1. Star Shower

The classic original, Star Shower provides a stunning light show at the touch of a button:

Star Shower lights up your own with the click of a button.


    1. Red Copper Square Dance Pan

Beautiful, smart, and practical: this non-stick, non-copper pan is both stovetop and oven-safe (holiday frittata, here we come):



    1. Smart Swab

Know someone obsessed with cleaning his or her ears? Get them the ultimate upgrade: a cutting-edge ear wax removal tool that cleans ears safely, without damage or pushing wax further into the canal (as Q-tips can do). Simply insert the soft, spiraled and grooved head and twist to capture wax without damaging your ear:

Smart Swab safely and easily cleans your ears.


    1. Star Shower Tree Dazzler

Simplify the life of a loved one by helping them let go of tangled string lights forever. Slip the Tree Dazzler over the top of a tree and arrange the vertical light strands for instant decorating. It lights up a tree with a spectacular array of patterns and colors you can change at the touch of a button:

Tree Dazzler makes any Christmas tree beautiful.


    1. Solar Top Lights

Sometimes the best gifts are those that are practical in addition to being beautiful. These smart lights are solar-powered, so they can go anywhere (no cords or batteries). Easily secured to gutters, fence posts or walls, the built-in solar panels absorbs sunlight and automatically go on at dusk and off at dawn:

Keep your driveway and your home safely lit with Solar Top Lights.


    1. Ifetch Frenzy Interactive Dog Toy

Another one for your favorite dog owner! When you’re not home, let Fido play fetch all by himself. It’ll be the best Christmas ever for him!

iFetch Frenzy lets your small pups play fetch by themselves!


Wherever you are, happy holidays from all of us at BulbHead. May yours be happy and bright!