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10 Ultra Clever Storage Hacks That Use Every Inch of Your Bathroom Space

Ask anyone about the one thing they wish they had more of and the majority will start talking about storage. Making the most of your space is at a premium, but nowhere does that ring more true than in the bathroom. Personal hygiene is one area you can’t skimp on. You need those Q-tips, brushes, razors, extra toilet paper and toothpaste – but how do you effectively and efficiently store it all? If your mess is on the one-way express to complete chaos, you may want to look at these 10 bathroom storage ideas to salvage some space.

  1. Shelf or cubby above the bathroom door
    Install a shelf or cubby above the frame to hold extra towels. This is a perfect place for those special decorative towels you only use when company is in. They are already out for when needed and when not being used, they add a nice decorative touch to your bathroom walls without adding to the clutter.
  2. An extra curtain rod for hanging multiple baskets
    Instead of attempting to stack shampoo, conditioner, body wash, etc. on the area around your bathtub or cramming them all onto one shelf, try hanging an extra curtain rod on the opposite side of the shower closest to the wall. You can suspend multiple product baskets off of this rod to hold your shower supplies. No more rummaging in the slippery shower to find what you’re looking for.
  3. Suspended basket or shelf on the shower wall
    If you have an unusual sized shower and an extra rod isn’t an option, try suspending a glass shelf on the wall opposite of the shower head. You can store all of your bathing needs overhead, while still being able to see where everything is. By utilizing this normally unused space, you will save a ton of room on your shower walls and floor.
  4. Hooks on the back of the vanity cabinet door
    Hair styling products are always a pain to store without getting the cords tangled. Try creating a station on the back of the sink cabinet door to hold your curling iron and blow dryer. One can be made by custom cutting PVC pipe or you can opt for a non-DIY version like hanging a few Command Hooks to coil the cord around.
  5. Over the cabinet door organizer
    Hang an over the cabinet door organizer on the other cabinet door for your cleaning supplies –bathtub sponge, gloves, toilet bowl cleaner. This will eliminate the clutter under your sink should a plumbing situation spring forth.Organize bathroom supplies with ease
  6. Vertical shelving unit for pedestal sinks
    Maybe you don’t have the luxury of under the sink space. No fear – bathroom storage ideas for a pedestal sink exist! Place a vertical shelving unit, like a two-tiered sliding shelf, under the sink to stack your hair tools, hand soap and cleaning supplies, then hide it all by a hanging a sink skirt. You can even make your own skirt to add customization to your décor.Organize under your bathroom cabinets
  7. Small shelves or jars next to mirror
    If your medicine cabinet is filled to capacity, hang small shelves or jars on the wall next to the mirror for beauty products, toothpaste or extra brushes. This is also a good way to add practical decoration to your small space while keeping your countertops clutter free.
  8. Magnetic strip on medicine cabinet door
    Attach a magnetic strip to the back of your medicine cabinet’s door. Now nail clippers, tweezers, bobby pins and anything else metal based will be off the shelves and you will have more room for your face wash and deodorant.
  9. Slim storage cart next to toilet
    Utilize the narrow space between your toilet and the wall as a place to store extra toilet paper and Kleenex. Use a skinny, portable storage cart that you can wheel out when another roll is needed then tuck it back into its cubby. If you like to keep magazines or reading material in the bathroom, the top shelf can also double as an easily accessible magazine rack.
    Maximize bathroom storage with the Storage Cart
  10. Mounted cloth hamper
    Save floor space by mounting a cloth hamper on the wall by the door for dirty towels. You can also attach hooks to the wall instead of a bar for ample space to hang wet towels. Now 4 towels can dry in the same amount of space that would normally hold one.